About Us

     SuperTex are a BULK LINER manufacturer and offering the bulk package solutions since from 2013. 
Who are a global liner supplier and our services are available worldwide. We have a joint Manufacturing
factory(HLD Package Co.,Ltd) and have good business partner manufacturer in China.We devote to
supply our customers with a complete set of logistics packaging and transportation solutions.

     SuperTex is a company created by Bulk Liner engineers, experts at designing bulk liner solutions.Our
innovative olutions have revolutionized the bulk packing industry,
promoting SuperTex to serve more and
more Customers in the Market.

     Our factory established in 2011 with approval by ISO9001,who are specialist in Bulk Liner and our ca-
pacity can be 5000pcs Film Liner and 2000pcs Woven Liner. From now on, we supply our bulk liner and
service to several Chemical Companies who are the global top 500 in the field of Chemical,Food and agri-
culture industry.

     Till now,We have 5 more years to supply our bulk liner and service many field industries.With good
quality and competitive price to offer numerous solutions and help our customers to save package cost.
Listing the industries and product we have served following,


  • Plastic pellets/resins/granules
  • PTA and PVC powders
  • Synthetic rubber pellets
  • Carbon Black powder
  • Cement
  • Starch
  • Alumina powder
  • Fish meal, Bone meal
  • Sugar,
  • Beans,
  • Flour,
  • Salt,
  • Rice
  • Malt
  • Palletized Cargo/Wet Hides