Pneumatic Bulk Loading

Item No.: E0002
1. Pneumatic System/General Using
2. Loading Time:
    10~15min per 20GP
    200tons per hour
3. Loading materials:
4. Structure:
    Air compressor, Air dryer,
    Blower Package,

      Pneumatic Bulk Container Loading System are ideal to be installed under silos with low clearance,
allowing to do a 90 degree transfer of the Cargo from the silo into the shipping container. Dilute phase
pneumatic types load with high velocity and low pressure in 45 to 90 mins. Dense phase pneumatic
types load with low velocity and high pressure in 5 to 10 mins.

      Granules, pellets or powders Cargo are suitable to be loaded with these pneumatic systems, but
certain considerations apply.

      The complete system consists starting from the upstream end: A rotary valve feeder attached to
the discharge spout of the silo that doses the product into a conveying lance under positive pressure
created by a blower package upstream. 

      For powder type products, the bulk container liner is equipped with a ventilation port that returns
the dust to a bag/filter house in a closed loop system.

    Rotary valve feeder, Conveying lance, Blower package, Compressor, Air dryer and dust collection
system if applicable.

1. Ideal to be installed under silos with low clearance.
2. Dilute Phase (Low pressure/High Velocity) or Dense Phase (High Pressure/Low Velocity).
3. Best fit for pellets, granules and powders that require maximum cleanliness.
4. High efficiency in container volume usage.