Container Liner (Zipper Loading)

Item No.: SPT0004
1. FOB Price:
    U$40~55 Shanghai Port.
2. Designs:
    General Using
3. Materials:
    HDPE Fabric,PP Fabric
4. Structure
    Zipper Open for Loading
5. Loading Granule Cargo:
Description Case Link Loading and Unloading
Items Specifications
 Design   Zipper Liner General Using
With Single-Bar Design
With Barless Design
Sizes 20FT,
Materials       Body: 145gsm. HDPE Fabric,Double side lamination
                135gsm. PP Fabric,Single side lamination
                All the materials FDA approval,

      Bulkhead: Reinforcement Polypropylene (PP) Fabric coated.
Loading        Belt Conveyor:Horizontal loading through Belt or Screw
      Belt Thrower:Horizontal loading through loading tube

      Gravity Loading:Lilt Container,Loading through loading tube 
Unloading        Receiving rotary air valve + positive pneumatic
      Gravity dump
      Suction lance + positive pressure
      Receiving bin + take-away pneumatic pipe
      Receiving bin + take-away belt/screw conveyor
Struction Bulkhead 4~5pcs Steel Bars supporting
Installation Process Process Guide manual
Suitable for   Agriculture Industries: Coffee Bean,Soya Bean,Corn,Grain,Feed,

1. Loading Handling: 

2. Unloading Handling: